3 thoughts on “When retailers look like jerks

  1. Very well said.
    I hate the buy this and we give,…
    of do you want to donate (to an organization I generally do not like)
    Worse is that here in the US so many retailers see fit to operate on holidays and make their employees work instead of honoring the purpose of the holiday.


    • A related issue is the keyboard arrangement. QWERTY wins by historical precedent, but there have been occasional challengers. I’ve often thought of comnfiguring my iPhone or iPad for the Dvorak keyboard, but I suspect my muscle memory of QWERTY is too strong to override. For example, when using one of my typewriters I’m able to retrain myself to know that the apostrophe is the uppercase 8 key, but since the apostrophe is lowercase on the computer keyboard I usually hit the right typewriter key but forget to go uppercase. As a result, a lot of my typewritten apostrophes end up double exposed with an 8.


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