Clever multiband radio beats the big guys

I’m enjoying my new Retekess TR629 radio. This value-priced portable does a good job on MW (AM) and FM bands and a passable one on SW. From near my apartment’s south-facing window in Chicago, it receives many AM stations after dark from the Midwest, East Coast, and Southeast U.S.

I especially like that the TR629 records both off-air and plays prerecorded material. The recording feature isn’t even available on major manufacturers’ flagship radios, so its inclusion is a significant plus. The set has a solid feel — especially when working the tuning and volume knobs. There’s a large, easy-to-read digital display, and battery-free operation uses a cord plugged into radio and then AC outlet. No wall wart!

The video here is of me getting a feel for the DSP tuning. I purposely avoid staying on stations long to avoid copyright issues.

Meet Mr. Snip!

I’ve always thought that those “Today’s Chuckle”-type blurbs long favored by newspapers are among the most insufferable things to see the light of printers’ ink. That’s why I created my own, which appears in the Dollar Snatcher weekly shopper.

A humorous blurb called Mr. Snip features retro clip art of a snooty-looking man with a pointy nose, pencil-thin moustache, and dismissive stare. He says the following: Your grandmother is so ugly that if my dog had a face like hers, I'd sick a paper bag over its head and teach it to walk backwards.