Analog breadfruit comin’ at ya!

Frank Zappa pedals his talent to Steve Allen.

This is a photo of a typewritten page that contains the following text. Monday, May 20, 2019. Chicago, USA. Hermes 3000 (1968). Like breadfruit off the HMS Bounty. The much-overrated but nonetheless witty Frank Zappa said that it isn' t necessary for the world to end in fire or ice — it could just as easily be done in by paperwork or nostalgia. I’m convinced that nostalgia is what fuels most eBay transactions. We finally acquire what we coveted in our youth.	In my case, that's mostly been film cameras and lenses whose prices were hopelessly stratospheric in my teens and 20s. And now that I own a Widelux, an f/ 2.8 Stereo Realist or a near—complete set of Super Takumar lenses with their gloriously yellow radioactive thorium tint, I t m left trying to decide what to do with it all. I've just stumbled into semiretirement and the sad reality has dawned on me that photo equipment is of no use unless you use it. And I 'm not just talking about taking random shots of streets, buildings, power lines, trees, and fields, I 'm talking about people. Unless you' re photographing people, cameras are worthless. I’m by no means a hermit, but these days I’m seldom in situations where people need or want to be photographed. So I 'm going to unload just about all of my analog equipment.	Nostalgia has a way of taking up space, both in closets and in your brain. Note: Unedited. Typos are Easter eggs.