Meet Director Pica, the Sam Kinison of typefaces!

Photo of typeslugs on a Hermes 3000 typewritere. Typeslugs are the elements on the end of the typebars; they strike the ribbon and transfer ink to paper.
Closeup of the Director Pica typeslugs on my Hermes 3000 curvytop.

Thanks to the Rt. Rev. Munk, you can view the NOMDA samples for Hermes and Smith-Corona.

In the photo above, I printed a Hermes NOMDA page and then typed with my Hermes 3000 to determine it’s afflicted with Director Pica.

And if you don’t remember Sam Kinison . . .

4 thoughts on “Meet Director Pica, the Sam Kinison of typefaces!

  1. Sam Kinison… Oh the memories. 🙂

    That is some strong looking type. I actually like it though. Might be good for a first draft. Double space so that edits will stand out rather than vanish into the print.


  2. I like all the Hermes 3000 typefaces even though I do not have Director Special or Epoca. Some of the larger sizes were made for easier readability, especially when double spaced. Doubtful that many readers would notice the difference between many of them unless one received a letter written on a Mill or some other large (6 to 9 c.p.i.) typeface. Like typewriters, each has their preferred model and typeface.

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    • I guess what I’ll never understand is why Hermes created the slightly smaller “special” versions of, for example, Director Pica or Techno Pica. The differences aren’t that big a deal. Maybe somebody said, “Hey, I know this is pica typeface but I really like annoying the recipients of my correspondence. Would it be possible to make this just a little smaller so it becomes almost as obnoxious as elite?”


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