Why does rain on dry dirt smell so good?

I also love the smell of typewriters when using one. Maybe I should try typing in the rain — from a safe, dry, covered porch or patio, of course.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019. Chicago, USA. Hermes 3000, the 1968 model. I can’t smell it up here. I’ve lived up high on the 54th Floor for about two years now and still haven't smelled petrichor. You might not know what petrichor is , but you've certainly smelled it — and probably liked it. This high-class word describes the earthy odor that rain makes when it falls on dry soil or hot concrete. For me, it's as much an emotional experience of a Midwestern summer as fireflies and that lighter fluid used to ignite charcoal briquettes. A friend of mine who sought a post-divorce reboot applied for a job as a flight attendant.	She wanted to work for an airline because the lighter fluid reminded her of jet fuel's odor. I’ve read that humans’ sense of smell is processed in the oldest, most-primitive compartment of our brains — which is why odors are such a powerful trigger of memories and emotions. Maybe petrichor stirs long-ago species-specific memories of our struggle to survive on the parched plains of ancient Africa. Note: This typecast has not been edited.


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