Stormy weather is portable

Screen capture of MyRadar Pro app shows a map of the Midwestern United States on which icons representing live stormchaser feeds are superimposed.
MyRadar Pro shows video feeds from stormchasers.

This photo is of a typewritten page with the following text. Friday, May 17, 2019. Chicago, USA. Hermes 3000. All the weather — right in your hand. Last night a hundred lightning flashes or more shined through my living room window. And I knew how many of those bolts struck near me, and I knew how long the storm would last. I can also see another storm on its way to— night — and when it will arrive. And out in tornado country I can the stormchasers closing in on deadly weather. And if I really want to, I can watch the live video feeds of mobile meteorologists. I’m able to do all of this on my iPhone, which also lets me compose email, instant messages and even the next bad novel using its QWERTY display. I can switch it to a Dvorak or a QWERTZ display if want. But how am I telling you this? I’m using a manual typewriter manufactured the year before we landed on the Moon. Note: This typecast is unedited. Typos are Easter eggs.

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