8 thoughts on “Paper, rubber, imperfection

  1. 32 lb paper is pretty heavy, isn’t it? I have no idea how that would feel in the hand. Just about all the paper I use is 20 lb., always has been. Guess I need to shake things up.


  2. I’m going to try this paper. But I especially love your thought about perfection being an obstacle to writing. That’s especially true with manual typewriters, even the very best of them are intrinsically imperfect.


    • My pinkies always have been my undoing. These fingers are seldom sufficiently muscled to strike forcefully enough for a good impression, so I just don’t use them. My typing technique is about 40 percent touch, 60 percent hunt-and-peck.

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    • During the day, I just lay the sheet of paper on the windsill, usually out of direct sunlight. At night I place the paper on the kitchen counter and turn on the overhead lights. On rare occasions I’ll set an 11-by-14-inch sheet of glass over the paper to keep it flat.


    • By the way, Matt, this post exhibits the extra space between the top of the photo and the bottom of the date header (or whatever it’s called) that I spoke about a few weeks back.


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