Onionskin paper is still around

Photo of envelopes and paper with a retro design designed to emulate lightweight products use when airmail cost a lot.

Photo of the following typewritten text. Thursday, May 9, 2019. Chicago, USA. Hermes 3000 1968. Do I want onions with that? Yes! I discovered just the other day that onionskin paper is still being made and that enough people want it that this stuff is fairly easy to find. I bought some lightweight envelopes to use with the onionskin. I had hoped to find envelopes with a Lockheed Constellation or Boeing Stratocruiser, but I guess this design will have to do. I think the plane is a generic illustration — or maybe it’s an Airbus 320 or something. I'll send out some typewritten letters in the next day or so. FYI, this typecast uses the onionskin. N.B. — This typecast has not been edited.