4 thoughts on “Warning about that keyboard

  1. For a while I scanned and archived my letter. That got tedious so I stopped. Now I type my letters and wonder if I already discussed something in a previous letter. I figure I can always blame it on my moderately advanced age, should I get called on it.


  2. That’s what carbon paper is for.
    Of course, you can also scan the letter before you mail it, but that kinda defeats the fun and the purpose of typewriting and it’s more work besides. (OTOH, after you’ve accumulated a few hundred carbon copies, searching through them loses its appeal. OTTH, rereading those old exchanges relives the fun. What an interesting world…)


  3. If 20th century writers from Flannery O’Connor to Hunter Thompson hadn’t kept carbons, our knowledge of their lives and thought would be much poorer. In my case, I had a paperless office before I got into typewriters, so I have a feed-through document scanner with presets and automatic filing. Even a multi-page letter takes less than a minute to scan and keep forever.

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