5 thoughts on “Typewriters and flying saucers

  1. I share the same interest, and reside in New Mexico. I think it was mostly disinformation, so-called counter-intelligence. Still, there’s the mystery of James Forrestal’s so-called suicide. He was supposedly an MJ12 member. But as for the typeface, I’m not so sure. I think many of the Smith-Corona type faces spanned decades. It is interesting.


    • Many years ago while moving from Wyoming to Arizona I spent half a day in Socorro. I stopped by the police department and asked how to get to where Sgt. Zamora had his sighting. I think they get a lot of these requests and they directed me to an area outside town (at least it was back in 19820. Just desert scrub terrain, nothing special. I’ve always been intrigued by the craft he described and its insignia.


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