How green was my Hermes

Hermes 3000 typewriter (Photo by SommereggerOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link)
and Bianchi bicycles (Photo by Cs-wolvesOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link.)

Photo is of the following typewritten text. Friday, May 3, 2019. Chicago, USA. Olympia SM3. How Green Was Mu Hermes. Now that my interest in manual typewriters has been rekindled, I've noticed that there's a commonality with bicycles — with the Bianchi, in particular. That commonality is color. The upper end Bianchis feature (or featured, since the last time I shopped for bikes was in 1980) a lovely turquoise green paintjob known as Celeste. Similarly, the most-coveted typewriter, the Hermes 3000, sports an elegant body in Seafoam Green. This color looks especially cool on the earlier 3000 body with its Streamline Moderne shell. Like Bianchi, the Hermes comes in other colors but the lovely Seafoam is iconic. What's also fun is that the Hermes 3000 ain't the most masculine-looking typewriter — yet is used by writers like Larry McMurtry and Sam Shepard to turn out some of the finest Western fiction in recent memory. Although Shepard might be using the later model Hermes 3000 that tones down the girlie curvioes somewhat. I guess it's sort of like how guys who are sure of themselves are tough enough to wear pink. Notice: As usual, this typecast has not been copy edited.


3 thoughts on “How green was my Hermes

  1. This reminds me of the recently released Blackwing Volume 811 pencil.

    “It features an emerald gradient finish and gold ferrule inspired by the iconic green lamps that light the halls of libraries around the world. Each pencil is coated with a special phosphorescent topcoat, so it can be a literal light in the dark.”


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