Full-Vue camera results are in

The Full-Vue  I bought last month didn’t exactly deliver crisp images. Maybe the overcast day was to blame.
(Photo copyright © Leigh Hanlon)

I just received images back from The Darkroom of test film I shot a couple weeks ago with a Spencer Co. Full-Vue. I still need to do more work with this 120 format faux TLR camera to determine how well it does in brighter conditions.

My choice of film might have caused the less-than-stunning results. I usually get good latitude from Kodak Tri-X, but these photos just didn’t exhibit much shadow detail. I’m thinking Ilford XP2 might yield snappier tones. I also bought some redscale film to try in the Full-Vue, but that’s for a later time.

Overall, I’d say that  the Spencer Co.’s camera is slightly less impressive than a Holga.

Other examples from my test roll. . . .

High up over North Michigan Avenue.
(Photo copyright © Leigh Hanlon)
Chicago at night.
(Photo copyright © Leigh Hanlon)

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