Cheap camera honors kindly rich guy


I’m anxiously awaiting this Full-Vue faux TLR I bought from an eBay seller. The camera takes 120 roll film, which is still widely available. The Spencer Co. is one of several, perhaps dozens, of camera makers in the “Chicago Cluster.” (Photo from the eBay listing.)


I just bought a Full-Vue camera manufactured by the famous “Chicago Cluster” of companies associated with philanthropist Jack Galter. The companies were located at 711-715 W. Lake St., which seems to be pretty much now in the middle of the Kennedy Expressway. I’m thinking of using this camera to photograph some of the Galter family’s contributions to the world — like Galter Pavilion at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Galter Life Center at Swedish Covenant.


The red pindrop shows 711 W. Lake St., once the epicenter of inexpensive camera companies. (Image copyright © Google.)


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