2 thoughts on “Enough is enough

  1. About a year ago (or maybe it was longer?) Facebook removed the ability to have a list sorted chronologically. Once Facebook removed this feature, I used it MUCH less. Maybe I’d sign on once a week. Whenever I’d log in, I’d see the same posts I saw last time. So bizarre since I don’t use the site all that much anymore, that Facebook would show me the same posts. You’d think with logging in less, there would be lots of different posts to see.

    For awhile last year I bookmarked every person’s profile. Once a day, I’d load up a folder of 25 profiles as tabs. Then just look individually at people’s timeline. Of course, you can imagine, that ended up being too much.

    Facebook just wants to push what they think will get most engagement. And that doesn’t really work for me.

    Now, blogs. I like blogs. I can subscribe to a blog’s RSS feed. Just like this post.


    • What I find most annoying is how Facebook’s commenting structure so quickly encourages identity politics. Even groups that aren’t remotely political often tolerate this.


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