4 thoughts on “Cine-Kodak K-100, Ultra-16, and Bigfoot!

  1. Really cool looking camera. Big fan of the Patterson-Gimlin film here – grew up in the Pacific Northwest and we take our Bigfoot very seriously there.


    • I found out about Bigfoot in junior high when my family lived in Alaska and I spotted that Argosy magazine in 1967 or ’68 with a cover feature about the film.

      The idea of Bigfoot is appealing, but I lean toward it being folklore. Unless we’re dealing with just a handful of long-lived creatures, there would need to be a fairly large population of sasquatch to prevent the species from becoming extinct.

      I also believe that somebody would have killed one of them by now.

      Have you read any of David Paulides’ “Missing 411” books? Paulides has done some Bigfoot research as well as explored the supposedly large number of unexplained human disappearances in national parks and other wilderness areas. He’s careful not to venture an opinion about who or what’s behind the allegedly unexplained disappearances.


  2. I was not familiar with the “Missing 411” books. Looks like Hulu made a movie based on the books.

    Growing up, our family had a tongue-in-cheek fascination with Bigfoot – my sister claims that I have the gait of the Lady Bigfoot of the Patterson-Gimlin film. We’re a fairly rational group, but if we were camping in the Mt. Hood National Forest and heard the bushes rustle and twigs snap, our thoughts immediately turned to Bigfoot.


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