4 thoughts on “Ixnay on that bench-seat slide

  1. This was a fun observation.

    Question: What’s the “-30-“ at the bottom imply, the number of lines typed? Inquiring minds want to know.


    • “-30-” traditionally indicated the end of a story turned in by a reporter. There are many theories but nobody knows exactly why. Many years ago I worked at a newspaper where colleagues had a flower arrangement with “-30-” at a co-worker’s funeral.


      • Cool! I didn’t know about the “-30-” shirts.

        By the way, I once met Sam Zell in an elevator at the Tower. He was dressed in leather and carrying a motorcyle helmet, having just arrived on his Ducati.

        “Hey!” I said. “I’ve got an idea for a great T-shirt for you.”

        “Oh, yeah? What is it?” Zell asked.

        “It says,” I told him, “‘If you can read this, the Chandler Family fell off.'”

        Fortunately, Zell laughed!


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