Collecting typewriters the airline way

Image is of the following typewritten text. Sunday, May 5, 2019. Chicago, USA. Smith—Corona Silent—Super. Boeing or Airbus? I own four mechanical typewriters and one electronic model. That’s two Olympias -- SM3 and SM9 -- and two Smith-Coronas -- both Silent-Supers. And a Hermes 3000 should arrive tomorrow. In many ways, I feel like an airline with a fleet of planes from different manufacturers. Is this a good thing?  With the exception of when it briefly had Boeing 717 planes when it merged with AirTran, Southwest always had flown Boeing planes. And, no, I don’t really consider the 717 a Boeing plane; it's a DC-9 / MD-80 that became part of a blended family. If I recall correctly, Southwest leased the 717’s to Delta. Both Olympia and Smith—Corona are fine machines, but I’m thinking of standardizing my fleet and releasing the Olympias into the wild. That will make me an all-Smith-Corona airline. What about the Hermes? Well, that'll be my executive aircraft like a Caravelle.



4 thoughts on “Collecting typewriters the airline way

    • I’m thinking the Canon Typestar 5 is electronic. I haven’t received the Hermes 3000 yet so I didn’t include it in the count for manuals.

      Smith-Corona Silent-Super (Pica)
      Smith-Corona Silent-Super (Elite)
      Olympia SM3
      Olympia SM9
      Canon Typestar 5


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