Stop asking for my opinion


I can’t be the only one who’s sick and tired of being pestered for my opinion. No matter the manner of solicitation — cashier, email, popup window — I’m just not interested.

What especially annoys me is how cashiers have been instructed to plead with you to visit the company website and mention them by name — which they conveniently write on the receipt.

“Please,” they seem to be saying, “please complete this survey or they’ll beat me and put me on permanent detail in the Pain & Laxative aisle!”

Photo from the movie Taxi Driver showing actor Robert De Niro portraying psycho killer Travis Bickle. In this photo Bickle is wearing an Army jacket and his hair is cut in a Mohawk.It’s almost as bad as how the clerks at Radio Shack used to demand your name and address for the retailer’s junk mail program. In my case, all this ever did was ensure that the store’s Tandy Corp. overlords wound up with multiple addresses for “Travis Bickle,” a frequent customer who moved around a lot.

Radio Shack kept grilling you for your data because information about you is valuable. Even when a company goes under.

Maybe surveys are showing up online so much these days because the barrier of entry has been lowered. No longer are companies obliged to engage consultants to set up focus groups, rent hotel meeting rooms, and such. Just entice consumers to click and complete.

For the record, I hold no personal animosity toward ForeSee, which seems to badger me the most in my online travels. ForeSee declares itself “the driving force behind more than 2,000 of the world’s most revered brands that understand the powerful intersection of CX and business impact.”

Too bad these “revered brands” don’t understand how annoying ForeSee’s repeated hectoring for visitors to complete surveys can be.

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