I love a rainy night

Photo of a typewritten page with the following text. Thursday, May 23, 2019. Chicago, USA. Smith—Corona Silent-Super (pica). I’m not here for the destruction. I’ve posted several times before about how I enjoy monitoring the live video feeds of stormchasers. But I ought to make it clear why I watch this stuff. Like the majority of folks who are fans of NASCAR, I have no desire to see the tragedy. Far from it. I like seeing how stormchasers track bad weather, decide where to go, and how they coordinate with other chasers and with the media. Last night, one of the best feeds showed some chasers stop at a Sinclair service station in Oklahoma and get gas and food. Or food and then gas, as we'd joke in junior high. As the chasers tended to their vehicle, one pointed out the green concrete Dino out front. I hoped someone would go ride Sinclair's mascot, but nobody did. This venerable Smith—Corona I’m typing on probably has seen its share of storms. It still bears the business decal of the outfit that sold it: Windward Office of Kaneohe, Hawaii a Honolulu suburb.