Goodbye to Facebook and shit like it

shout_looking_left copyI considered pulling the plug on Facebook long before now and even made a couple of halfhearted attempts to do so.

These resolutions didn’t stick for two reasons. First, I used my Facebook ID to log into Spotify; and second, I clung to the pathetic delusion that maintaining a presence on this social media platform would ignite lucrative post-retirement freelance opportunities.

Since I already have Apple Music, I’ve decided to quit both Facebook and Spotify. People who are my real-world friends already know how to contact me.

I’m also going to quit Twitter. I never use this service. Besides, if something important is tweeted, the lamestream media are quick to report it. Also headed to the trash heap: Pinterest, Instagram and Periscope. Good riddance.

The biggest advantage to deep-sixing Facebook is that I’ll suddenly become a lot more productive in other areas of my life.

In short, I’ve awakened to the realization that Facebook isn’t mass communication, it’s masturbation.