Should I show family my gay cowboy smut?

Photo of Tom Cruise from the film Risky Business. He's smiling and wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses.

If family members ask how my fiction writing projects are coming along, I mention that I’m finally posting my first serial novel on Amazon’s KDP Vella platform. If anybody wants additional details, I joke that I’m aiming for ‘Brokeback Mountain’ but with more anal.

My family hasn’t asked for a link to the story — until now. They don’t know my pen name, so nobody’s likely to find my material on their own.

By the way, if you want to read my initial foray into the world of self-publishing and are looking for hot cowboys and cold-blooded killers, here’s the link for “Cowboy Nights.” The first three episodes are free.

So, what do you think? Should I refuse to provide inquisitive family that link, or just throw caution to the wind and be, “What the fuck?”