‘Nice large eggs!’

Photo of an egg carton with the brand name Nice Large Eggs.

Shopping at Walgreens always makes me realize that saying some of the store’s house brand names at work could result in a visit to HR.

  • Nice sweet potato chips
  • Nice fig bars
  • Nice almonds
  • Nice carpet cleaner
  • Nice honey inverted squeeze bottle
  • Nice black licorice
  • Nice pecan clusters
  • Nice light brown sugar
  • Nice string cheese mozzarella
  • Nice butter ring cookie bites
  • Nice raisins
  • Nice prunes pouch

What’s the difference between Ruffles and Wavy Lay’s?


I’ve always wondered why Frito-Lay makes two ridged potato chips — but until yesterday never actually compared Ruffles and Wavy Lay’s.

Both taste the same, at least to me, and both target customers who’ll be using the chips to scoop up dip and similar stuff. And both varieties have the same nutritional content.

But there is a difference — and it was staring me right in the face for years: Ruffles has more ridges! See the photo below; the Ruffles chip is on the left.


By the way, the only reason I bought the potato chips was because I made Lipton’s Classic Onion Dip. Never in my entire life have I used the Lipton product to make onion soup. Have you?