The song remains the same: It stinks

TImage is of the following typewritten text. Smith-Corona Silent-Super. 65-pound Southworth Linen by Neenah Paper Inc., Neenah, Wisconsin. Nightmare in Music. I had trouble falling asleep last night so I listened to recordings of thunderstorms and then country music — and off I went to Dreamland. The music played on as I slept … and then suddenly I awoke in horror to Mr. Bojangles, my second-least favorite song. My No. 1 least-favorite song is The Little Drummer Boy. I think that what happened is that Spotify played the thunderstorm tracks, then proceded to a playlist of rodeo songs, then began going MOTS. This more of the same plodded through a dozen or more songs and then — BAM! — up popped Mr. Bojangles. Jerry Jeff Walker, who wrote this song, is one of my favorite country artists but this song has never done it for me. I think the problem is that everybody who covers Mr. Bojangles ends up sounding like Bob Dylan. Warning: This typecast has not been edited.