‘Mondo Trasho’ auteur at the typewriter

A young John Waters sits at a typewriter in what appears to be a table in a home's kitchen.
John Waters as a youth in Baltimore. Photo from This Is Not Porn.

This photo of a typewritten page contains the following text. Wednesday, May 15, 2019. Chicago, USA. Is that typewriter bigger than Divine's butt? In articles about celebrities and famous writers’ favorite typewriters, the profiles are always of people who can charitably be described as annoyingly normal. That’s why I like this photo of young John Waters. I learned only recently that he and Divine attended high school together. So what is the future director of Mondo Trasho composing here? Waters probably is working on some dull composition for English class. But I like to imagine he’s compiling a list  of assholes who bullied him and Divine — with plans for adulterating their food with  fresh dogshit. Note: This typecast has not been edited.


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