Ancient Egyptian typewriters?

Photo is of the following typewritten text. Saturday, May 11, 2019. Chicago, USA. Hermes 3000 from 1968. Is there a hieroglyphic typewriter? This past week, I’ve been binge-watching several documentary series about ancient Egypt. I’ve been fascinated by Egypt ever since elementary school. In high school, while buying a copy of Sky & Telescope magazine at Jerry’s Newsstand at Colfax and Broadway, I saw a paperback copy of E.A. Wallis Budge’s The Book of the Dead and bought it too. Like many impressionable students, I briefly toyed with the notion of becoming an archaeologist. But then, I realized that my interest in the subject stemmed from the romance, nostalgia, journalkeeping, artwork, and mystery of this magnificent culture. Sort of like how what appealed to me about astronomy wasn't the calculus, the even—higher mathematics, or the need to program computers, but the huge telescopes perched on lofty peaks, the exacting hand-drawn observations, and photos made on plates chilled with dry ice to increase light—sensitivity. It's fortunate I abandoned both archaeology and astronomy and went into journalism. But I do wonder whether anybody ever created a hieroglyphic typewriter. I guess I 'm using one right now in a way since hieroglyphics sowed the seeds of the Latin characters that I’m typing. Note: This typecast has not been edited.


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